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For the first time in India, world-class tyre and vehicle care services in Ahmadabad, Coimbatore and Faridabad. MRF TireTok is a unique retail concept from MRF Ltd, India’s largest tyre manufacturer. Offering the complete range of MRF tyres and tubes in a world class, customer friendly retail environment and an impressive range of services from robotic wheel alignment to A/C recovery and recharging, services that are tailored to make every drive a delight. MRF TireTok also caters to two-wheeler customers by providing wheel balancing and tyre changing.

MRF tiretok

Services offered


Robotic Wheel Aligner

Incorrect alignment of tyres can result in excessive or uneven tyre wear, compromising the handling of the vehicle. The Robotic Wheel Aligner, available for the first time in Asia, ensures precision wheel alignment


Vehicle Safety Test Lane

This is designed to test the front and rear axle geometry, efficiency of shock absorbers, tread depth and critical braking parameters for safety, comfort and reduced wear and tear.


Diagnostic Wheel Balancer

Designed to equalise the weight of the combined tyre and wheel assembly, the Diagnostic Wheel Balancer ensures a smooth and vibration-free drive.


Semi-Automatic Tyre Changer (With Helper Arm)

Designed for low-profile tyres and Run Flat Tyres (RFT) on high-end cars, the Tyre Changer with Helper Arm ensures smooth and easy fitment and removal of tyre from the rim.


A/C Recovery And Recharging Unit

This process involves coolant recovery, recycling, cleaning of condenser lines, sealing test and oil injection, which ensures optimum cooling and lower fuel consumption.


Electronic Headlight Aligner

A digital device that identifies the ideal head lamp position and ensures maximum visibility while driving.


Nitrogen Generator (Membrane Type)

Nitrogen inflation improves tyre performance, tyre mileage and fuel efficiency. The unique membrane technology ensures the Nitrogen used is well above the minimum limit of 95.5% purity.


Special Two-Wheeler Tyre Changer (With Rim Adaptors)

For the latest generation bikes, this state-of-the-art machine ensures wheels are perfectly fitted and balanced for a smooth, vibration free ride.

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Offers alignment and balancing by MRF trained technicians


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Offers alignment and balancing by MRF trained technicians