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8.15-15 (28X9-15) Solid Tyre

  • Superior mould design using two piece tread ring type mould
  • Enhanced structural design
  • Superior sidewall design with convex curb
  • Rim guard protector provided
  • Abrasion resistant compound
  • Double chevron lug pattern
  • Highly resilient and elastic rubber compound for inner layer construction
  • Multistage component mixing techniques

  • Provides uniform tyre dimensions and excellent aesthetic appearance
  • Ensuring high stability, high tyre mileage, excellent chipping and chunking resistance,  high NSD with angular groove for self cleaning
  • Side wall protection
  • Protect the rim area from any damage
  • Higher mileage
  • Improved stability, better cornering & breaking and less heat build up resulting in higher tyre mileage
  • Maximum driver comfort and stability
  • Low heat hysteresis

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