Motor sports

Motorsports in India is synonymous with MRF. It is the only tyre company in India to have developed formula car tyres, world-class rally tyres for tarmac & dirt, motocross tyres and also FIA-CIK karting tyres. In fact, the development and popularity of various forms of the sport could be directly attributed to the pioneering efforts of the company, be it racing, rallying, motocross or karting.


MRF is the largest promoter of rallying in the country. Having met with success in the domestic championships, the company entered international rallying in 2002 with two cars in the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC).


The MRF Formula 2000 cars are used in the most sought after racing series from MRF - The MRF Challenge. Around 20 drivers from all over the world battle it out in the MRF Challenge series every year.


Derived from the words 'Motorcycle' and 'Cross Country', Motocross is often shortened to MX. It's a form of motorcycle sport or all-terrain two wheeler racing held on enclosed off-road circuits. In line with its close association with motorsports, MRF promotes a national Supercross Championship annually in several cities.


Karting is considered the stepping-stone for a successful career in formula car racing. It has moved on from becoming a pastime for racing buffs to a serious sport. And MRF has strengthened its long-standing association with karting in India by becoming the first Indian tyre company to develop FIA-CIK approved karting tyres in India