Company Name: MRF Limited.
Registration Number: 18-004306.
Registered Office: 114, Greams Road, Chennai - 600006.
Telephone Number: 91-044-28292777.
Fax Number: 91-044-28295087.
E-mail: mrfshare@mrfmail.com

Details of Business

Manufacture and sale of automotive tyres, tubes, flaps etc.

Disclosure of contact details of KMP

Contact details of the Nodal Officer designated for IEPF Authority and for the
purpose of determining materiality of any events/Disclosures to Stock Exchanges
under Regulation 30 of the SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015

Mr S Dhanvanth Kumar
Company Secretary
MRF Limited, No : 114, Greams Road, Chennai – 600 006.
Phone : (044) 28292777
E-mail : dhanvanth.s@mrfmail.com

Investor GRIEVANCE For Equity Shares

Company Name: MRF Limited.
Registration Number: 18-004306.
Registered Office: 114, Greams Road, Chennai - 600006.
Telephone Number: 91-044-28292777.
Fax Number: 91-044-28295087.
E-mail: mrfshare@mrfmail.com
Weblink of the The SMART ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) Portal : https://smartodr.in

Designated Official

MR.K.G George
MRF Limited
NO:114,Greams Road, Chennai - 600006
Telephone Number: 044-28292777
E-mail: mrfshare@mrfmail.com

Name of the Debenture Trustee

Axis Trustee Services Limited
Registered office: Axis House, Bombay Dyeing Mills Compound, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai-400 028
Corporate Office: The Ruby, 2nd Floor, SW, 29 Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar West, Mumbai-400 028
Tel No: 022-62300451
Fax No: 022-6230 0700
Website: www.axistrustee.com

B. Shares Held In Physical Form :

In the physical segment, we provide the following services to shareholders:

i) Transfers :

Company Name : MRF LIMITED.
Registered Office: New No. 114 (old No. 124)Greams Road,
Chennai 600 006.
Telephone Number: (044) 28292777.
Fax Number: (044) 28295087.
Registrar and share transfer agent: In-House.
Stock Exchanges where the company's share are listed: National / Bombay / Madras.

Transfers are effected by execution of transfer deed along with payment of stamp duty @ 0.25%.(ie.0.25 paise for every Rs. 100/- or any fraction thereof) on the market value of shares as on the date of execution.

It is to be ensured that :

  1. All columns in the transfer deed are properly filled in.
  2. The date of lodgement of shares with the company is within 1 year from the date of presentation of the transfer deed to the prescribed authority mentioned on top of the transfer deed.
  3. The date of execution of the transfer deed is not prior to the date of presentation.
  4. Where the transfer deed is signed by the constituted attorney, registration number & date of the power of attorney is mentioned of the reverse of the transfer deed. If not, a copy of the power of attorney is forwarded along with transfer deed and attested specimen signature of the power of attorney holder.
  5. In case of NRIs, notarized copy of RBI approval and details of bank account in India are furnished along with transfer deed while lodging shares for transfer.
  6. Alterations, corrections, overwriting in the transfer deed are avoided. If unavoidable, such alterations etc. are authenticated by the transferor(s) / transferee(s).
  7. To avoid delay or non-delivery of share certificates, notices, annual reports, dividends, etc., complete name and address including pin code are furnished.
  8. Transferees mandatorily have to furnish a copy of the PAN card along with documents submitted for transfer of shares in physical form.
ii) Transmission (on death of a shareholder) :
  1. Where shares are held in joint names, for deletion of name of the deceased and transmission of shares to the joint holder(s), a certified copy of the death certificate along with share certificate should be submitted to the company.
  2. Where shares are held in single name, on the death of the shareholder, the legal heir(s) should submit the share certificates along with certified copy of any one of the following documents such as probate, succession certificate or letters of administration granted by a competent court, for transmission. It is always advisable to hold shares in joint names to avoid cumbersome formalities in the event of death of the shareholder.
  3. Where the shares are to be transmitted to the nominee of the deceased shareholder, the nominee should submit the duplicate copy of the nomination form (bearing the registration number & date given by the Co.) which was sent to the shareholder after registering the nomination, along with a certified copy of the death certificate and share certificate of the deceased and proof of identity/signature/address of the nominee.
  4. In all the above cases, it is mandatory to furnish a copy of the PAN card along with the documents submitted for transmission of shares.

    This requirement also applies to transposition of shares (Change in the order of names)

iii) Nomination :

Shareholders can appoint a nominee for his / her holdings. This will eliminate procedural difficulties for the nominee to inherit ownership of shares after the death of the shareholder(s).

It is advisable to appoint a nominee where shares are held in individual names. Click here to download Nomination Form.

iv) Issue of duplicate share certificates

Loss of Share Certificates of the Company is required to be notified immediately along with a copy of an FIR/Police acknowledged complaint.

Thereafter the following additional formalities will have to be complied with,

  1. An indemnity, as per draft given by the company, has to be executed by the shareholder.
  2. The loss of share certificates will be intimated to stock exchanges where the shares of the company are listed.
  3. On receipt of confirmation from stock exchange, the company will release an advertisement, regarding loss of share certificate, at Chennai, where the company's registered office is situated. The expenses are to be defrayed by the shareholder.
  4. Besides the above, a similar advertisement is to be released by the shareholder at the place of his / her residence and a copy forwarded to the company.
  5. The company will place the request for issue of duplicate certificates before the board of Directors and issue the same after obtaining approval of the board.
v) Change of address / Bank details

Request for change of address / bank details should only be in writing, duly signed by the main holder along with any one of the following documents as proof of change of address / bank details.

  1. Ration card
  2. Passport
  3. Driving license
  4. Voter ID

This requirement is as per the new guidelines / format prescribed by NSDL / CDSL. Hence, requests for change of address / bank details sent through e-mail and non-cash will not be entertained.

C. Shares Held In Electronic Form
i) Depository System

The depository is the custodian of securities of shareholders in the form of electronic accounts. Presently there are 2 depositories, namely, NSDL and CDSL.

The following services are offered by the depositories to the investors through their agents who are known as Depository Participants (DPs).

  1. Dematerialisation - Conversion of physical holdings into electronic form.
  2. Rematerialisation - Conversion of electronic form of holdings into physical form.
  3. Maintenance of holdings in electronic form.
  4. Transfer / Transmission of securities.
  5. Electronic credit in public offerings of companies.
  6. Credit of non-cash corporate benefits such as bonus, rights in electronic form.
ii) Benefits to the investor
  1. No stamp duty involved.
  2. Elimination of bad deliveries and other risks such as loss / theft / mutilation of share certificates.
  3. No courier / postal charges.
  4. Securities are transferred on the very next day of payout as against around 30 days for physical shares.
iii) Procedure to convert physical holding to electronic holding
  1. The shareholder has to join the depository system by opening an account with a Depository Participant (DP). After completion of all formalities, an account number will be provided to the shareholder. This number should be quoted in all correspondence with the DP and the company.
  2. The share certificates to be converted to electronic form should be submitted to the DP along with a Dematerialisation Request Form (DRF).
  3. The DP will electronically transmit DRF to the depository and electronically generate a Dematerialisation Number (DRN).
  4. The share certificates with a seal, "surrendered for dematerialisation" affixed therein, along with DRF will be submitted to the company by the DP.
  5. The company will verify the DRF and share certificates and if found in order, confirm the dematerialisation to NSDL / CDSL as the case may be, within 15 days from the date of receipt of documents. NSDL / CDSL in turn, will confirm the dematerialisation to the DP.
  6. After receipt of confirmation, the DP will credit the shareholder's a/c with the number of shares dematerialised. The shares will thereafter be held in electronic form.
iv) Procedure to convert electronic holding to physical holding
  1. A Rematerialisation Form (RRF) duly filled in should be submitted to the DP who in turn will electronically transmit the RRF to the depository and electronically generate a Rematerialisation Request Number (RRN).
  2. The RRF is then sent by the DP to the company.
  3. After verification of the RRF, the company will confirm the rematerialisation to NSDL / CDSL, who will confirm the rematerialisation to the DP. The DP will debit the shareholder's a/c with the No. of shares rematerialised.
  4. Meanwhile the company will issue share certificate(s) for the No. of shares rematerialised.
D. Dividend:
  1. The dividend declared by the company is payable to those shareholders whose names appear in the register of members as on the record date declared by the company.
  2. The dividend warrants are valid for 3 months from the date of the warrant.
  3. Hence, shareholders are advised to encash the dividend before the expiry of the validity period.
  4. Where the shareholder has registered a dividend mandate, the dividend warrant will be sent directly to the bankers for credit to the shareholder's a/c, under advice to the shareholder.
  5. The dividend warrants will contain the details of banker's name, a/c No. of the shareholder, wherever the details have been furnished by the shareholders.
  6. In the case of shares held in physical form, since the dividend is posted to the address available in the company's register of members, any change in address / bank details etc. should be intimated to the company quoting the Ledger Folio Number, along with proof of change of address.
  7. In the case of shares held in electronic form, since the dividend warrant is posted to the address as made available to the company by NSDL / CDSL, any change in address / bank details etc. should be intimated to the DP only.
Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)

The Reserve Bank of India has introduced ECS facility whereby dividend is directly credited to the shareholder's bank a/c. This facility eliminates forgery/fraud, loss of warrant in transit and ensures quick credit to the shareholder's a/c.

Under this system, the Company's banker will issue payment instructions electronically to The Reserve Bank of India who in turn will supply credit reports to the respective banks of the shareholders.

Shareholders are advised to avail of the ECS facility. Click here to download ECS Form.

Investor Education & Protection Fund

The dividends which remain outstanding will be credited to Investor Education & Protection Fund after a period of 7 years as per the amended provisions of the Companies Act, 1956.

The amounts once credited to the above Fund cannot be claimed. Hence it is advisable that the shareholders encash the dividend warrants before the expiry of the validity period.