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MRF Rain Day

From the Mystic Fields of Kerala to the Bustling streets of Mumbai.

The MRF Rain team brought the story of the rains to you.

Every year the most loved season of the year makes it's journey from Lakkidi Kerala all the way to Mumbai to shower us with the little droplets of joy.

MRF has been predicting the FIRST rains in MUMBAI for 30 years and this year they took it one step further.

MRF told you the RAIN story through a unique way of story telling.


Every step of the journey was exciting as we met new people who shared with us how important the rains were to them. The scenic beauty of each location filled us with a sense of calm and freshness as the flora and fauna danced with joy as soon as the showers arrived.

One would think that this journey would tire and frustrate us, but on the contrary gave us a chance to witness the amazing journey of the rains to Mumbai.

Each day, a series of pictures and videos were uploaded in real time with an intriguing storyline to go along with it. CinemaGraphs and GoPro videos with backing sounds made the story come alive and allow the users to almost feel the rains.

We were told different myths and stories in every destination.

From the time we left for Mumbai, the rain never ceased to amaze us with how it would touch lives all over the country.

If you haven't read the story log on the the MRF RainDay site to relive the rain journey.