Developed on the race track, we bring you the Masseter formula to rule every curve

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Powered by L.A.P.S (Lean Angle Performance System), Masseter helps you with a better cornering experience

Superior Wet Grip

Contoured grooves for better water channeling

Advanced lean angle

Rounded profile to provide better cornering performance

Better Braking

Softer compound for perfect braking balance

Perfect Balance

Wider contact patch which provides better confidence while switching body posture

Find the perfect Masseter Tyre for your bike

What's your ride?

Rear - 140/70-17 MASSETER-X MCT TL
Rear - 140/70-17 MSX
* - optional size for selected bike

The Masseter Journey

It's time to find out who is behind the Masseter - A tyre designed for you to Rule Every Curve!

They tested the tyre to the hilt at the Kari Motor Speedway and came out gushing about it. Here's what they had to say!

Riding gear? Cornering Academy? Biking Gear? What is the Masseter Formula? Find out! 

If you are a biker and want to Rule Every Curve, then listen up as Kartikeya Singhee tells you how!

A glimpse of the day when you find out the Masseter Formula to Rule Every Curve!

time to rule some curves

Explore & discover the best curves in India

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