Drive into a journey of perfection.


Perfection in Tranquility

Set off on a smooth and blissful drive on Perfinza tyres, thanks to its Asymmetric design featuring the unique combination of solid reinforcing ribs with sinusoidal grooves that work in perfect harmony.


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to the perfect rhythm that's as tranquil as driving on the Perfinza


Perfection in Comfort

The tread pattern is specially designed by highly experienced engineers in state-of-the-art facilities with the finest mix of polymers and silica. MRF has optimized the formulations to give the best combination of rolling resistance, grip and superior comfort for you to indulge in your luxury sedan.


Perfection in All weather conditions

Designed with a perfect blend of multiple steel belts with a protective cover for unmatched stability and unique blocks and plant-stem like grooves, delivers a supple drive. Stability ply cover and fatigue–resistant polyamide materials give excellent on-road behaviour in all weather conditions

Golf off

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a perfect swing that's as precise as cornering on the Perfinza


Perfection in Motion

The tyre sidewalls are a blend of resilient rubber compounds to provide precise and perfect comfort. The Ozone-resistant polymers provide protection against any UV radiation and other damages. The Rim protector profile adds to the overall safety of the wheel package giving you an ultra-safe drive.

Built to Perfection

The Perfinza by MRF is the epitome of technical prowess. Every aspect of the built, both surface and interior, has been crafted for every condition.


We tested perfection to its limits at the Idiada Proving Ground at Barcelona, Spain


Perfinza's stellar performance

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You can get the Perfinza and service it at a nationwide network of select MRF TireTok and MRF Tyres and Service (T&S) outlets. These are exclusively equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, and have personnel specifically trained to service premium / luxury sedans and to deliver the best care for tyres like wheel alignment, wheel balancing & Nitrogen air filling to name a few.

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