MRF NV Community Showdown

Rally your riding team and get sponsored by MRF for your next extreme ride!

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  • Register your group for the showdown.
  • All you need to do is get as many group members to create their MRF NV Mix in the next 2 weeks.
  • Everyone has to complete their profiles on the campaign.
  • A leaderboard will continuously tell you the ranking of your group.
  • The groups with the max MRF NV Mixes created by 9th Jan 2015 (11:59 p.m.), will WIN the prize.


  • The group with the Maximum Participants wins a 2 Lakh Rupee sponsorship for their next weekend ride.
  • The Runners up win a 1 Lakh Rupee sponsorship.
  • The 3rd and the 4th place groups win sponsorship worth Rs 50000 each.


  • Communities will be selected on the basis of the group's participation.
  • The community that create the maximum number of NV Mixes will be considered for the prize.
  • Every community can track their position in the competition by checking the leaderboard.
  • On registering, the community admins will be given a special URL.
  • The community members will have to participate using this unique URL, and this will help us to track the number of applications from your group.
  • Once you have been selected for the prize, you will have to give us a story about your weekend ride with photos.
  • This will be featured on the MRF NV website and all MRF Tyres social platforms.
  • Note: Every member who participates also qualifies for the individual grand prize - Biking Gear. Click here to know how they can WIN that.