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When to replace worn tyres

Tyres are the only part of your vehicle that stay in steady contact with the street. They are responsible for many factors such as dependability, brake handling, safety and mileage of your vehicle.

Dealing with your car tyres is as important as caring for your vehicle. And while wheel balancing and wheel alignment help cut down your tyres wear and tear to some extent, you still need to change your tyres after a certain time. Here are a few pointers, which will help you decide when you need a tyre replacement for your vehicle.

a) Wheel Alignment and Balancing has no effect

When your car doesn't drive in a straight line even after it has been aligned, it is a conceivable, yet not clear, marker that the tyres need to be replaced. Then again, failure to drive in a straight line can additionally be caused if the axle is damaged. A thorough vehicle check-up becomes mandatory.

b) Tread Depth

Examine your tyre treads. Check whether there are any splits on the rubber. If you find any, now is the ideal time to swap the tyre. A simple method to check the depth of your tyres tread could be by inserting a five rupee coin. If it fits, your tyre treads are perfect.

c) Tyre Grip

Your tyres grip is dependent on its tread pattern, rubber compound, inflation pressure, wheel arrangement and good steering linkage. If all these things are intact but you still experience a rough drive, its time change your tyres.