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Run-Flat Tyres.

If you've ever been late for a date, appointment, or meeting because of a flat tyre, you already know how frustrating it can be. Since the early era of car manufacturing, tyres have played an important role in determining a vehicle's overall comfort and safety.

Tyre manufacturers continuously try to improve their tyre's durability and longevity. Only recently have they developed tyres that can temporarily maintain your vehicles stability during a flat tyre. These tyes are called the Run-Flat Tyres.

A run-flat tyre is designed to resist the effects of a deflation when it is punctured. It allows the vehicle to be driven in spite of a puncture for a limited distance. Which means, they are designed to hold out the vehicle for about 75-80 kilometers after suffering a puncture.

This grace period enables the driver to cope without panicking and cutting across several lanes of traffic to reach the side of the road. It also helps you save to extra work of swapping to the spare with traffic whizzing by, or losing control of the car while driving.

Given below are a few advantages of having a Run-Flat tyre for your vehicle.

- Drivers are generally warned about a puncture via a tyre pressure monitoring device installed on the vehicle.

- Reduced risk of accident as there's no sudden loss of tyre pressure.

- Eliminates the need to stop immediately in dangerous roadside locations.

- Increased customer safety for night driving.

- Weight saving benefit, as no spare wheel or vehicle jack is needed.