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MRF Premium Z.L.O. Tyres for all vehicles.

Gentlemen, start your engines! For millions of racing fans around the world, those four words evoke emotion and bring out the racing adrenaline in them. MRF understands this emotion and gives you a tyre that will unleash the racer in you.

Presenting MRF Z.L.O. tyres, known for its designer and high end quality tyres, the Z.L.O. is a performance tubeless radial that allows you to enjoy the full potential of your vehicle with confidence. The Z.L.O. tyres are primarily used for most cars that can speed upto 180 to 270 kph (speed rating of ā€˜Sā€™ to ā€˜Wā€™). Now whenever you get behind the wheel of your car, every terrain you conquer will just seem like a race track to you.

MRF's racing technology has conveyed a compelling combo of characteristics in the wide range of Z.L.O. tyres. The steadiness, aggressive pattern, great wet traction, sharp cornering capability, and incredible mileage gives the Z.L.O. a leverage over any other tyre in today's Indian market.

Here are a few features and benefits of the Z.L.O. tyre that make it stand out of the rest.


Asymmetric Advantage Always (AAA)- The Z.L.O.'s unique asymmetric pattern features a larger and stiffer tread block on the outside to give it a good, dry grip. Whereas, its long and wide sweep groove on the inside, enables optimum water channeling.

Unique Groove Plus- With a unique combination of groove elements across the contact area, the Z.L.O. provides for optimum water channeling, leading to an excellent wet grip.

Muscle Polymer Blend- The Z.L.O. comes with advanced polymers which enhance the grip and durability while driving.

Stable Spiral Ring Construction- The Stable spiral ring construction in the Z.L.O. tyres make your vehicle balanced and reliable.


Wide footprint- The contact patch of the Z.L.O. tyre leaves a wide footprint giving you better stability, durability, traction and softer rides.

Stylish Looks- The MRF Z.L.O. tyres comes with a sporty sidewall design giving your vehicle a sense of style.

With such a dynamic combination of features and benefits enhancing your overall driving experience, the MRF Z.L.O. is the ideal tyre for your vehicle.